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Commercial Water Dispenser


Water Dispenser 250

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Models Available :

Suitable for :

Can use it as PoU drinking water system where centralized water purifier (RO Plant) available for drinking and can also be connected with any external water Purifier.

Usefull for :

Office, Schools, College, Hospitals, Industries, etc.

Installation :

Online from over head tank or connect to external RO/UV water purifier.

Commercial  Water Dispensers

Experience the versatility and reliability of Conway commercial water dispensers, the perfect solution for your business’s drinking water needs. Our dispensers serve as Point of Use (PoU) drinking water systems, seamlessly integrating with existing water purifiers, such as RO Plants, to provide clean and safe drinking water. With Conway, you can customize your water purification setup to meet your unique requirements and ensure a consistently high standard of water quality for your employees and customers.

Each model offers varying filtration capacities, from 50 liters per minute to 250 liters per minute, providing you with the flexibility to select the dispenser that suits your specific filtration and water usage needs.

Designed for offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, and industries, Conway water dispensers are the ideal choice for diverse settings, guaranteeing a reliable and clean water supply.

Installation is a breeze with our online installation option, allowing direct connection to an overhead tank or integration with an external RO/UV water purifier. This ensures a hassle-free setup that seamlessly fits your existing infrastructure and purification requirements.

For businesses with limited space or lower water demand, we offer a compact version of our water dispenser. Despite its smaller size, it maintains the same high-quality water purification capabilities as our larger models. The compact version accommodates 2 to 4 bubble top water bottles, making it an efficient and space-saving solution without compromising on performance.

Trust Conway commercial water dispensers for their versatility, durability, and adaptability to meet your specific business needs. Enjoy the convenience of clean drinking water at all times and make a positive impact on the well-being of your employees and customers.

Few advantages of Conway customized water purifier™/ water cooler / water dispenser:


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